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Are You the One? - TV Series (2014-2019)

USA (English)
6.7 -
  - /10   - /10   0
Updated on 2019 Aug 20
 1 nomination.
Cast: Ryan Devlin, Lewis Belt, Tomas Buenos, Andrew Couture, Maria Elizondo, Moe Elkhalil, Brett Ferri, Morgan Fletcher, Tevin Grant, Bria Hamilton, Zak Jones, Samantha McKinnon, Kwasi Opoku, Shamoy Persad, Jasmine Rodriguez, Lauren Roush, Kenya Scott, Nutsa Sikharulidze, Cali Trepp, Kayla Umagat, Daniel Vilk, Cam Viney, Asia Woodley, Chase Lyons, Jada Allen, Ethan Cohen, Tyler Colon, Michael Dean, Diandra Delgado, Audrey Diaz, Malcolm Drummer, Alexis Eddy, Kareem Fathalla, Alivia Hunter, Keith Klebacher, Keyana Land, Anthony Martin, Nurys Mateo, Clinton Moxam, Uche Nwosu, Zoe Pugh, Geles Ann Rodriguez, David Shad, Nicole Spiller, Joe Torgerson, Dimitri Valentin, John Jacobs, Simone Kelly, Adam Kuhn, Shanley McIntee, Dillan Howard Ostrom, Briana Lacuesta, Tyler Abron, Brittany Baldi, Christina LeBlanc, Ashleigh Morghan, Alex Phillips, Ellie Puckett, Shelby Yardley, Mike Cerasani, Carolina Duarte, Derrick Henry, Casandra Martinez, Osvaldo Romero, Hayden Weaver, Eddie Williams, Kam Williams, Alicia Wright


10 women and 10 men try to seek out love in a 10 week stay at this house all together in Hawaii where true love is really put to the test. Along the way couples go into this thing called a truth booth to find out if they are a "perfect match" or "no match" at all.

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